Waste Waste Waste

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’ve recently wrote about the impact of plastic on the world. While plastic is a huge component of the world’s waste issue, it’s not the entirety of the problem. Litter, waste, water contamination… it all leads to a bigger problem. Landfills.

Everything we use, including plastic, is eventually thrown away. Everything we buy is meant for temporary use. Even things that get passed on from generation to generation, will eventually dwindle away. Nothing is for eternity, so why do we act like the earth is?

Yes, there are efforts to make more and more things biodegradable. But what about all the stuff that was already made? Almost everything ends up in a landfill.

Many people think that everything that is waste is burned or “something” is done to it where it is no longer our problem. This is definitely not the case, as everything we do to our planet effects us, and the ecosystem. We’re not the only ones on the planet.

There are two main issues associated with landfills: air pollution and ground water pollution.

According to an organizational website called WeGreen-USA, “there are over ten toxic gases released from landfills, of the most serious of which is methane.” Clearly, this is not healthy for anyone, and this is being released into our air constantly. This is the air we breath. You may be lucky enough not to live near a landfill, but what about the unfortunate people who do?

Another issue that was initially a solution for the landfills, is the introduction of leachates. Leachates is the liquid that drains from a landfill. While the people who are in charge of the landfills, and making money off of this, fully support leachates and argue that it doesn’t effect the environment through air toxins, it definitely effects the environment through the water. The leakage releases dangerous toxins into fresh water ways that could potentially end up in your drinking water. Not only does it effect us, but plant and animal life who rely on fresh water.


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