I Speak For the Trees

This weekend I was pondering which environmental issue I should tackle next; There are a ton of them. I was flipping through TV channels, when I came upon a really relevant movie: The Lorax. Now, I love this movie and its message. Trees are important. While the Lorax and many others realize this, there are still many who don’t care.

This is evident with all the deforestation going on, and the cutting of trees just to build another apartment complex or a Walmart. This is a huge problem because, well… we NEED trees. We need oxygen. They’re important to us, as well as the ecosystem! Material gain should not ever trump nature, and the lively hood of our planet.

I was in my stagecrafts class the other day, where we work with wood and build cool things. My professor, Max Lydy, was giving a lecture on wood. There are different types of woods (species, grades, etc.) He was telling us how there are people out there who would cut down 200 year old Oak trees just so they could have Grade A oak. This means that the wood is perfect, with no knots, and is in high demand. This just proves that there are people out there who wouldn’t give two pennies to save a tree. They’d rather gain the material and profit from the wood. Or even the space where the trees stood to gain money.

As you all hopefully can tell, trees make the world go round. Yes, we need SOME trees to live a nice life. But I will assert that we don’t need that many trees. I speak for the trees, just like the Lorax.


One thought on “I Speak For the Trees

  1. all4yoga February 1, 2015 / 6:21 pm

    I agree with you about how it is disturbing to think that people will cut down really old trees just to make money, but I also know that the population in the world has drastically increased and theres so much demand for houses, food, etc. that if people did not genetically modify food, destroy forests and cut down trees then even with oxygen, the world wouldn’t go round because people would be dying of starvation and homelessness. Maybe I’m being dramatic but the fact is we need trees to survive in all the forms they take on including oxygen and wood. We seriously don’t need one more Walmart in this world though, right on.


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